Friday, January 3, 2020

70 Years

On January 3, 1950, a meeting was held to update the public on plans to construct the Stewart Memorial Health Centre. At that meeting, women from the 22 communities that built and supported Stewart Memorial committed to start a Ladies Aid. So, we turn 70 today.

There have been many changes over the years, but one thing has stayed exactly the same: we are still raising money to support the work of Stewart Memorial Home and other health-related projects in the area formerly served by Stewart Memorial Hospital.

Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts over the years. We can only do what we do because of your generosity.

We have been blessed to have so many wonderful members over the decades. Thank you to each of you who gave so freely of your time and talent to work together.

To the present and past staff of Stewart Memorial: you are a dedicated and caring group of people. Thank you for looking after us all so well for so many years.

Finally, we remember those visionary women who led the way. These great ladies were our charter members:

Mrs. J.A. Stewart (Eliza) - President
Mrs. Sidney Enman (Doris) - Vice-President
Mrs. Lorne Burleigh (Peach) - Secretary/Treasurer
Mrs. Ira Banks (Alice)
Mrs. Reginald Birch (Mary)
Mrs. E.S. Burleigh (Margaret)
Mrs. Athol Colwill (Edna)
Mrs. Spurgeon Dyment (Pearle)
Mrs. Richard Found (Erma)
Mrs. Charles Frost (Mae)
Mrs. Thomas Grigg (Pearl)
Mrs. James Livingstone (Dorothy)
Mrs. R.R. Logie (Wilma)
Mrs. Ivan MacLean (Gladys)
Mrs. Angus MacLennan (Eva)
Mrs. Clark MacQuarrie (Gladys)
Mrs. Henry Maynard (Helen)
Mrs. William Maynard (Pearl)
Mrs. James Milligan  (Wilna)
Mrs. Oswald Yeo (Jennie)

3 Charter Members at 10th Anniversary

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Dr. Joyce Madigane Memorial Scholarships 2018

This will be the fifth year offering scholarships in memory of Dr. Joyce Madiagne, who faithfully cared for patients at Stewart Memorial and the Tyne Valley area for nearly 40 years.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Dr. Madigane Scholarship

Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary is offering two $500 Dr. Joyce Madigane Memorial Scholarships to students from the area previously served by Stewart Memorial Hospital who are furthering their careers in a health-related field. They must currently be enrolled in at least the second year of their program.
Dr. Joyce Madigane (1942-2014) was born in Zimbabwe and received her medical training in South Africa and the United Kingdom.  She was the first black female doctor from her country.  She came to Tyne Valley in 1974 and was both a family physician and the Medical Director of Stewart Memorial Hospital.  The scholarships are given to honour Dr. Madigane’s tireless dedication to our community.
Interested students are required to submit in writing their current program of study, volunteer experience, future career plans, how this scholarship will assist them financially, and if they have received other bursaries or scholarships.
The successful students will receive notification of the award and the scholarships will be presented during the Christmas holidays, at which time a media photo will be taken. Interested students should submit their letter, including full mailing address, email and phone number, to:

Scholarship Committee
Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary
PO Box 10
Tyne Valley  PE  C0B 2CO

Submission deadline is December 18, 2015.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

28th Annual Valentine's Dance

The Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary will be holding our 28th Annual Valentine's Dance on Saturday, February 14th, 2015 at 8:30 p.m. at the Ellerslie Legion, 1136 Ellerslie Road.  Great dance music by Old Habits, lots of door prizes, 50/50 draw and a delicious lunch will be served. This is one of the Auxiliary's major annual fundraisers and all proceeds will support our projects for the residents of Stewart Memorial Home.  Tickets are $12 and available by calling Wanda at (902) 831-2684.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 65th!!

On the first Tuesday of January, 1950, 20 women from communities around Tyne Valley met for the first meeting of the Stewart Memorial Health Centre Ladies Aid.  The decision to build a hospital in Tyne Valley had only been made the previous year. Money, and lots of it, had to be raised so construction could begin.

These were our charter members:
Mrs. J.A. Stewart (President)
Mrs. Sidney Enman (Vice-President)
Mrs. Lorne Burleigh (Secretary - Treasurer)
Mrs. Ira Banks
Mrs. Reginald Birch
Mrs. E.S. Burleigh
Mrs. Athol Colwill
Mrs. Spurgeon Dyment
Mrs. Richard Found
Mrs. Charles Frost
Mrs. Thomas Grigg
Mrs. James Livingstone
Mrs. R.R. Logie
Mrs. Ivan MacLean
Mrs. Angus MacLennan
Mrs. Clark MacQuarrie
Mrs. Henry Maynard
Mrs. William Maynard
Mrs. James Milligan
Mrs. Oswald Yeo

They each paid 25 cents membership and got to work raising money to build the hospital.  Sadly, none of these ladies are still with us, but many of their descendants are still members of Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary.

Their first fundraiser was a tea party held in the summer of 1950 at the old Mt. Pleasant air base.  That event raised over $1,700, a great result even for a fundraiser today.  Countless raffles, teas, and concerts have been held ever since.

When the hospital opened, the Aid members led the huge effort of readying the building for the first patients.  That included cleaning the rooms, sewing drapes, providing canned goods for the kitchen, and decorating.  They went on to raise money to purchase items both small and large, from stethoscopes and bed pans to x-ray machines, photocopiers and ECGs.

So, as of January 3, 2015, we are 65 years old, an age when most look forward to slowing down, taking a well-deserved break from work life.  That doesn't seem to be in the cards for our group, though, as there is still plenty to do!

From the May 1, 1950 Charlottetown Guardian

Friday, January 2, 2015

Scholarship Winners

Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary President Pam MacKinnon was pleased to present the first Dr. Joyce Madigane Memorial Scholarships to Sydney Ellis from Northam (centre) and Shelby-Lynn Arsenault from Lennox Island (right). Both women are studying at the UPEI School of Nursing.

President MacKinnon said there had been many great applications, and encouraged those who weren’t successful this time to try again next year.

Dr. Joyce Madigane served the Tyne Valley area as a family doctor and medical director of Stewart Memorial Hospital for nearly 40 years before her death in 2014. Dr. Madigane was always very encouraging of young people who were considering a career in healthcare. The Auxiliary created the scholarship to keep alive the memory of her service to the community.